What are the problems associated with hair fall?

Dandruff plays a very important role in spoiling your impression in front of others and affecting your image in public. There are various treatments that can help you in solving the problem of dandruff. Not only does it ruin your personality but also has a number of ill-effects which can make you aggressive at times. Take a look at the following points to gain knowledge about various problems associated with dandruff.

Problems associated with hair fall

  1. Itching- The itching that happens due to dandruff is so bad and strong that at times you will not be able to control yourself. Mostly people who have dandruff suffer from grave itching. This is because of skin allergies or it could lead to skin allergies, well it works both ways.
  2. Hair fall- Dandruff destroys the basic layer of scalp which leads to hair fall. Dandruff constitutes as one of the basic reasons for hair fall. However, a number of hair oils claim to reduce dandruff but in reality in doesn’t happen that way.
  3. Asthma- Yes, this might seem odd to you but this is the reality. Dandruff is in powdery form which may lead to asthma due to the inhaling of those particles. This leads to infection in lungs which many times get unnoticed. This is one of the most harmful side effects of dandruff.
  4. Acne- Acne is another side effect of dandruff. Dandruff usually seems to be resistant against a number of medications which may lead to acne and pimples on your face.


Dandruff control is very important because it can cause a lot of trouble for you and your body. Apart from the problems mentioned here, it even leads to irritation and greasiness in the scalp which can be very annoying at times.


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